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What we offer:

1 Search Engine Marketing

Referred to as search marketing or (SEM) it is the process of increasing traffic and visibility in the search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts. It incorporates:

  • SEO: Increasing website traffic through unpaid or natural listings
  • SEM: Purchasing targeted traffic (PPC)

Originally called “search engine marketing,” the shorter phrase “search marketing” is now often used as the umbrella term over SEO and SEM.
In short we get your website more qualified traffic, we specifically focus on your business wants & needs, we speak to you, ask you some probing questions so that we can really understand who are, your USP & ultimately who your ideal customers are.

Once we know what your goals are (be they lead generation, direct sales, brand recognition and so on). We can then craft a SEM campaign that’s guaranteed to place your business right in front of your ideal prospects.

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2 Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Looking at bigger picture, SEO is a part of SEM. SEO is the act of optimising a website through careful selection of relevant keywords coupled with strategic website development to help boost natural search engine listings. Search engine optimisation is one of the most cost effective elements of a digital marketing campaign and Search Engine Marketing program.

Just think what a number one placing on Google would be worth to you business.
Let us do some digging into how your perfect clients and customers are searching for yours or similar services online. Once we gain insights into your market we can create a strategic SEO campaign that is guaranteed to boost your websites natural SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Position) and start getting you more targeted traffic.

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3 Online Marketing Consultancy

The online market place has changed significantly over the past few years, and will continue to evolve quickly. What worked last year, last month, even last week may not work today!

Our team are in the trenches everyday, we keep our ears to the ground, keep abreast of all the latest trends, but most importantly we know what works and what doesn’t.

Lets face it most businesses have a website because they have to have one nowadays. Just having a site sitting there is simply not enough. We can help you strategise & make your website work for you like a 24/7 sales machine!

If you want us to take a look over your digital marketing strategy & offer advice and insights into how you can improve your online marketing, grow your customer base, increase your sales and boost your profits then get in touch today.

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Simple Strategies To
Rank Your Website

SEO Best practices

1. Provide Engaging Content
Answer your prospective clients most pressing questions, share advise, solve problems, show you care, deliver value, don’t’ go straight in for the sale, be interesting & authentic

2. Get Visitors to Interact
This shows Google that people engage with your site, present content in the form of bullet points or lists with pictures, so visitors scroll, break up articles into 2 pages so visitors click links

3. Stop Using Google Analytics
SEO & SEM optimised sites fare better in the search engine rankings if they don’t use Google Analytics. Stop using Google Analytics, this could tip Google off to your SEO strategy & demote your site if they don’t like the tactics.

4. Diversify Your Backlinks & Protect Your SERPS
Mix up your backlink sources, look at social media or wikis for backlinking, Add content to .edu sites for instant authority. Do not bulk buy crappy links in bulk!

5. Create & Send A Press Release
A day or two after you write a blog post, use a free service like PRLog to send out a press release that includes a direct quote from the post and the URL.

6. Use Social Sharing So You Look Important
to Search Engines

The web is social, if your content is unique and relevant people will want to share it, tell they to do so (offer incentives for sharing!)


“On behalf of myself and team over at JVFocus, I wanted to drop you a note and let you know were are very grateful for you and your teams professionalism taking to market during phase I.The strategies, execution and positioning of by Manchester SEM is much appreciated. Looking forward to working with you and your team on phase II.”

William Murray – Founder JV Focus