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Manchester SEM Services:

  • Every project we undertake starts with defining your business goals.
  • What follows is careful research and planning on how best to deliver a successful ROI based search engine marketing campaign that produces the best possible results for your business.
  • Our approach is based on in-depth industry knowledge and insights, coupled with thorough research into your market, customers and competitors.
  • We build Business Results


We’re not like most SEO agencies, we don’t sell time, we sell value, traditional SEO agencies charge you either by the hour or a specific monthly package based on hours delivered.

This should strike you as a little weird…

  • There’s a clear conflict of interest with this model.
    The client wants:
  • The project completed quickly but effectively
  • To see ROI based results
  • When agencies charge by the hour, their interest is:
  • To do everything slowly, so they can bill you more hours
  • Upsell you a ton of extra services, so they can bill you more
  • Sound familiar? We don’t operate that way.
  • Our fees are based on value and on a per client basis, every business is different, and as such every search marketing campaign we undertake is bespoke to our clients.
  • So How Much?
  • We can’t give a definitive answer: it depends. For most of our clients we have an initial set up and research fee, followed by a flat monthly fee that includes every element we agree upon.
  • So are you ready to start out-thinking, out-performing & out-earning your competitors?

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